Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still. – Chinese Proverb

H.elping, U.nlock, S.olutions, T.hat, L.everage, E.ntrepreneurship (H.U.S.T.L.E) is what we do as a full-service niche business development, brand management, and investment advisory group.

We see disruptions affecting related industries with a compelling need to innovate and transform as early stage opportunities for us to HUSTLE. We are focused on accelerating growth and intellectual property innovation across the consumer good, technology, media, health alongside complementary market segments.

Our consulting practice was designed to help partners who seek to launch new businesses, navigate new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas or simply need to think “bigger” about niche market possibilities. Our overriding goal ultimately is to educate the underserved, stimulate better business relationships and to see all our problem solving ideas cost efficiently and profitably reach the marketplace.

We are developing a curated mix of resources that currently includes but are not limited to just our hustle innovation fund or a range of disruptive portfolio companies with unique products and solutions that can be experienced easily through content, communities, and marketplaces across vetted product, resource and service categories in achieving breakthrough results.

With our accumulated industry know-how spanning 100+ years, we only seek to work with category innovators and operators who share our operational framework and approach towards extending brand relevancy and driving revenue with intelligent solutions focused on niche audiences. 

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